Memorial Day Lantern Festival – Honolulu, Hawaii

This was my first time making a lantern. If you haven’t done it before or gone to the festival it is truly an emotionally moving experience. Regardless of religion, gender, or race everyone comes together to honor those who have gone before us. I dedicated mine to my grandparents, Etsuo and Yaeko Sayama, and Edward and Dorothy Chang. But really today is for remembering all who have sacrificed so much for us to be where we are today and should be done everyday. I’d also like to dedicate tonight’s pictures to Alvin Dang as well.

Tonight was possibly the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. It wasn’t just the amazing colors or the perfect weather but the entire experience.

I am not sure to whom the lantern with the flag was dedicated to, but I’d like to think it was meant for all who have given their lives to defend our freedom. Thank you.